Use slime to clean hard to reach places

Ever try to clean hard to reach places such as small cracks in your vehicle's interior? I took some slime, rolled it in a ball and dabbed the areas with small cracks and low and behold all the dirt and grime stuck to the slime! Makes the job of cleaning the interior a...

Playing with slime may help people suffering with anxiety

I'm not sure if I'm alone here, however I hear more people that I know of are suffering from anxiety. It's almost like no one wants to say they suffer from it until you tell them that you battle with anxiety. Once the dialogue opens up they then will say either they...

How to get slime out of fabric

As you know playing with slime is a lot of fun but sometimes it may get on your clothes, the couch or on the carpet by accident and if that happens what's the best way to get out? What I found works every time is to actually to use white vinegar to remove the slime,...


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