I’m not sure if I’m alone here, however I hear more people that I know of are suffering from anxiety. It’s almost like no one wants to say they suffer from it until you tell them that you battle with anxiety. Once the dialogue opens up they then will say either they suffer from it or someone very close to them does. For those of you that don’t suffer from anxiety I’m so glad for you, for the rest of us it can be debilitating at times.

Trying to find some type relief can be difficult, watching my daughter playing with slime and even watching slime videos helps her and why she started this site.So I decided to try it as well, and it actually works! If you get a chance try it, the texture the sounds help calm things down. If you don’t have any slime at hand, just google slime and watch YouTube or Instagram videos and it’s relaxing. “Shameless plug” watch my daughters videos.

Please let me know as my daughter is thinking of making slime specifically for people that suffer from anxiety, she says a different mixture could help even more.

She knows best when it comes to slime.


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